Green Screen and Special FX

I took a film elective class in 2011 while studying at UC Berkeley, which allowed me to use otherwise unaffordable equipment and have access to a green screen room. This was my first time keying green screen and compositing. These are a few short clips from a 6 minute short film.

This short film was shot on a Canon 7D in 1080p at 30fps. I did the green screen keying in After Effects, though I learned how to do it in Final Cut Pro X as well. I created the shells in Maya, and lit, shaded, and rendered them in Mental Ray. All the other graphics, including Ryu and his hadoken I found online as still frames and animated and composited in After Effects. Color Correction and audio was done in Premiere.

This short film took me two days to film, and two more days to edit. I estimate the total time it took me to produce the entire film at 12-14 hours (not including render time since I don't remember how long it took my old computer to struggle with the project).

The Kickflip

"The Kickflip"

mood shifter

"Mood Shifter"