Here's what I've been up to:

3-2023 "Photoreal" Game Character

I've been working on a character to put in a game engine. 

Just got done  with the skin texture/material.

It has been fun sculpting micro details in zBrush.  

Currently rigging the face and moving on to hair system.

10-2021 New Animation Set in Maya

I've been slowly working on a new skate animation

 that takes place in a historic video game location,

which I turned into a skate spot by adding a dip and a bench.

Modeled in Maya and rendered in Redshift. Still a WIP.

Can you tell what it is?


I can't wait to share this animation!

7-2020 Anorak Jacket in MD

I've been wanting to make another skate animation, and I need a new outfit!

I just created a jacket I got from éS for my 3D dude to wear for this scene.

Below are some viewport grabs from Marvelous Designer.

Fantasy Tree Fantasy Tree
Fantasy Tree Fantasy Tree

Click to enlarge the photos above.

09-2019 "The Kickflip" Breakdown


I just created a comprehensive breakdown of my animation "The Kickflip."

This is an overview of how I created the scenes, 3D cameras, and compositing.

I used Autodesk Maya, & After Effects.

Here are the more in-depth breakdowns from the video above:

Character Modeling, Rigging, and Skinning

Hair in Yeti

Clothes in Marvelous Designer

How I made the assets: Skateboard, éS Shoes, & Class Ring.

How I made the Forest Floor Intro Scene.

Below is Part One of my breakdown.

It includes an overview of how I made the character, hair, & clothes.

"The Kickflip" 3D Character


Character Breakdown


face & body rig/skin

hair & clothing simulations