éS Shoes

The image below is rendered in Pixar's Renderman. Modeled in Maya.

For my animation "The Kickflip" I re-did the shaders in Redshift. You can find the breakdown below.

éS Shoes
before1 before1

Click to enlarge the two smaller photos above.



Reference images (taken on an iphone) for the image planes, for modeling.

reference images

Here is a tutorial on how to use image planes to model in Maya

Below: Topology view. I tried to keep it low-poly-ish. The stitches were created separately using MASH instancing. I explain how I did it below.

topology view

For the sides of the rubber sole I used Redshift's (or Renderman's) bump node, and for the input I placed Maya's "bulge" 2D texture, repeated it 290 times, and rotated it by 45 degrees

texture 2

For the inside of the shoe I did the same as above (no rotation) but used Maya's "cloth" 2D texture.

texture 2

For the rest of the shoe I used images. Pictured: diffuse and bump map.

texture 1 texture 2

Bottom of sole and leather sides dffuse.

texture 3

For the stitches: I modeled a single stitch (below), as low-poly as I could, and instanced it along a curve using Maya's MASH feature.

Here is a tutorial on how that works.

texture 3

Next I shaped that curve along the sides of the shoes.

The lined up stitches on the right are MASH instances. Once they are attached to the empty curve to their left the result is to the left of the empty curve.

Thank you for viewing :)

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