Welcome to my Graphics page.

All produced either in After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.


I was comissioned to create a new logo for a non-profit org.

Instructions were to use the Golden Ratio. The concept: a lotus.

This video shows the process of applying the Golden Ratio to a draft logo.

For more details about this logo please scroll down.   

Below is an early presentation of the concept.

All images of the logo are a copyright of Niroga Institute 

Golden Ratio

(click to enlarge)

A great deal of iterations ensued; below is an example:

logo it

Below are a couple of the final versions of the logo:


I animated Niroga's old logo into a 3D intro for their Mood Shifter commercial.

The non-proft above comissioned me to create a poster. 

Instructions: to create friendly, happy stick figure characters.

Their past assets/characters were given as guidance: 

example 1

Here are 2 completed versions of the poster:

Golden Ratio

(click to enlarge)

The one on the left is the stick figure version.

The right has characters I created for their mobile app which releases in 2022. 

Each poster is double sided for English and Spanish versions. 

Bar and Wine menus designed in InDesign and Illustrator.

You can see what some of these cocktails look like on my photography page.

Bar Menu

I made these while managing a restaurant and bar. The owner overordered wine and liquor and our clientelle was the older demographic. This means that there had to ba a balence of text size and fitting all the content in a pleasing way. Another goal was to include as much information as possible, including the size of the pour and the shape/size of the glass the cocktails came in.


The glass shapes were designed as vectors in Illustrator.

Wine Menu