Multimedia Producer specializing in 3D.

Almost all 3D content on here is personal work/for fun. 

For my professional reel, contact: leonid@berkeley.edu 

My Current Project WIP

Right now I'm working on a realtime "photoreal" game character.

My current project WIP

The Kickflip

The Kickflip animation

An animated short film

3D Character Production

The Kickflip animation

Model, rig, skin, hair & cloth simulation

Hair Simulation 

Yeti Hair

Hair simulation pipeline in Yeti

Cloth Simulation

MD Clothes

Clothes in Marvelous Designer

Making of 'The Kickflip'

Forest floor scene assets

forrest floor 3d

Assembled in Maya using paintFX, djPFXUVs, Redshift, SpeedTree, & Photoshop.

3D character assets from The Kickflip

Skateboard Project

3D skateboard modeled, skinned & rigged in Maya, rendered in Rederman.

eS Shoes Project

├ęS shoes in Maya & Renderman

Class Ring

Class ring in Maya & Renderman

Studies in 3D

Aviation Tornado Project

Aviation cocktail tornado concept

Oak Study

Speed Tree, Maya, & Renderman