Class Ring

The image below (top) is rendered in Pixar's Renderman. Modeled in Maya.

For my animation "The Kickflip" I re-did the shaders in Redshift.

ring 1
ring2 ring 3

Click to enlarge the two photos above (which were rendered with Redshift).


Rendered and topology views.

reference images

One bump map for scratches (top), and one for brushed metal (bottom).

reference images reference images

Above: The isolated faces that were brushed steel.

For the "Class Of" lettering I used Redshift's "MeterialBlender" node.

Here is a tutorial on how to use this Redshift node in Maya.

In Renderman they are PxrLayerSurface and PxrLayerMixer shader nodes.

Here is a tutorial on how to use these nodes in Renderman.

Below is the shader network in Redshift showing the alpha for "CLASS."

topology view

Below: Reference pic.

topology view

That's it! Thank you for looking :)

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