Trees and Leaf Study

I use SpeedTree to create my trees' geo. Scenes are assembled in Maya.

This test scene was rendered with Renderman.


The following test renders are rendered with Redshift.


I export the leaves, branches, and caps separately from SpeedTree into Maya, as .fbx files, with wind.


Sadly I lost my original Speed Tree files, but to create a tree in that program is very easy.

Here is a great introduction tutorial by SpeedTree.

As for the leaf shader, I start by scanning a few leaves, front and back.


I then create the diffuse, bump, specular, and translucency maps in Photoshop, for the front and back.

topology 1

I used the djPFXUVs tool to split a single UV square into a 3x3 space. This way not every leaf looks the same. Since oak leaves look more or less the same, only 1/3 of the leaves is different.

topology 1

A single-face geo for each leaf allows for a more optimal/responsive scene when dealing with a high number of leaves. But the flat shape gives away the effect when viewed at a too extreme side angle.

topology 1

I wanted to create a sunrise scene, so I wanted to have leaves to look wet in the morning dew. So, for reference, I dipped the leaves in water, to see how they shine when wet. I also wanted to see their translucency properties from the back and from the front.

topology 1

Thnk you for viewing :)

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