Hair Simulation in Yeti

I always wanted to learn Peregrine Yeti because I've seen some amazing results from various artists.


For the scalps I duplicated my base head mesh and deleted all non-scalp faces.


There are 4 separated scalps total: head, brow, lower eyelashes, & upper eyelashes.

The scalps eventually had a wrap-deformer to the base head mesh, so they moved along with it.

For the main hair, I used a texture map (below left) to control where the hairline, along with the standard and necessary Yeti nodes for proper display and render (see tutorial links above).

hair nodes hair strands

I used groom attributes that I could 'paint' onto individual strands to control hair parting, length, and which strands are active during simulation. Below is the map for hair parting.

part node

I used a the UV coordinates of the scalp geo to place a reference image of my eyebrows.

brow reference

Just like for the hair part attribute, I used the "thickness" attribute to paint the values on brow strands.

brow map

I then mirorred the strands across to the other side of the scalp.

For the eyelashes I followed the same steps as described above.


Before simulating, make sure that each scalp has a texture reference (below).


I created a corrective groom for when the hood geometry penetrated the groom strands.

lashes lashes

Below: Corrective groom set to 0 (left). Corrective groom to 1 (right).


That's it! Thank you for looking :)

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